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Code Simplicity, Second Revision

In June, I released a second revision of Code Simplicity. Some of you probably already know, but I thought that I should let everybody else know, too.

The most important change is that book gets into the laws and rules of software design much more quickly now. It starts with a completely re-written Preface that tells the story of how I developed the principles in Code Simplicity, and why you might be interested in them. Then it gets into a much shorter Chapter 1 that distills everything from the old Chapter 1 into a few short pages, skips the old Chapter 2 (which was a long discussion about what it means for something to be a science) and goes right into the laws.

Particularly if you’ve read the original version, I’d really love to hear your feedback on how the starting content of the new revision feels to you!


P.S. If you bought the ebook from O’Reilly, you get every new revision for free, and there will probably be even more revisions than this one! If you got the ebook elsewhere, there’s a little link inside of the book itself that will let you “upgrade” to the O’Reilly editions for pretty cheap, so that you can get this revision and every other future revision for free, too. I’m not partial to any particular method of you getting the book, but the O’Reilly editions are definitely the best way to get the new revisions as they come out.

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