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Truncated Posts in RSS?

Hey everybody. So, some of my posts are rather long, and so I truncate them with a (Read More…) link that takes you to the full post. That link also shows up in the RSS, as a (more…) link.

For the frontpage of, I think that’s pretty useful–it makes it a lot easier to browse the various articles. But I was wondering, for those who read this in an aggregator or via RSS–for the long posts, do you prefer getting only the short version (with the “more…” link) or would you rather just have the whole post?

Update: It looks like, from the comments, that full text in the feed is the clear winner! That’s actually my preference too, when reading sites, but I usually am not reading posts as long as the ones I write. 🙂 I’ve installed and activated the Full Text Feed plugin for WordPress, so in the future the feeds will contain the full text even though the front page and email notifications will still be cut by the “more” link.


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