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What Is A Bug?

Okay, most programmers know the story—way back when, somebody found an actual insect inside a computer that was causing a problem. (Actually, apparently engineers have been calling problems “bugs” since earlier than that, but that story is fun.)

But really, when we say “bug” what exactly do we mean?

Here’s the precise definition of what constitutes a bug. Either:

  1. The program did not behave according to the programmer’s intentions.
  2. The programmer’s intentions did not fulfill common and reasonable user expectations.

So usually, as long as the program is doing what the programmer intended it to do, it’s working correctly. Sometimes what the programmer intended it to do is totally surprising to a user and causes him some problem, so that’s a bug.

Anything else is a new feature. That is, if the program does exactly what was intended in exactly the expected fashion, but it doesn’t do enough, that means it needs a new “feature.” That’s the difference between the definition of “feature” and “bug.”

Note that hardware can have bugs too. The programmer’s intention is rarely “the computer now explodes.” So if the programmer writes a program and the computer explodes, that’s probably a bug in the hardware. There can be other, less dramatic bugs in the hardware, too.

Essentially, anything that causes the programmer’s intentions to not be fully carried out can be considered a bug, unless the programmer is trying to make the computer do something it wasn’t designed to do. For example, if the programmer tells the computer “take over the world” and it wasn’t designed to be able to take over the world, then the computer would need a new “take over the world” feature. That wouldn’t be a bug.

With hardware, you also have to think about the hardware designer’s intentions, and common and reasonable programmer expectations. At that level, software programmers are actually the main “users”, and hardware designers are the people whose intentions we care about. (Of course, we also care about the normal user’s expectations, especially for hardware that users interact with directly like printers, monitors, keyboards, etc.)


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